Interim management and unique guidance programmes for managers and project teams

Toprope is your reliable, temporary business partner and offers unmatched training programmes:

  • - All-in-one approach for individuals and teams
  • - Results within a clearly defined term
  • - Possible integration within a strategic project
  • - Direct link with daily professional activities

A unique experience to help you get the most out of our collaboration!
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Did you know that ‘top rope’ is a term used in the world of mountaineering?

Top rope is a technique where a climber is secured by a rope from above. If he falls, he hangs in the rope briefly, regroups and is able to climb further again. In other words: the same kind of support we offer organisations in development. In both situations, it’s important to make progress in a safe and self-controlled manner, even if circumstances are unsure or extremely challenging.